Are users still entering their passwords?​

The password entry method not only imposes the administrative burden of remembering and changing passwords on users, but also forces them to use the same password for all online services.

If you're looking for convenient and secure international standard-based passwordless technology, use Passwordless X1280, where the service automatically suggests the automatic password. Passwordless X1280 is available for free on all B2C online services.

Is the responsibility for authentication still being shifted to users?

Input-based user authentication not only causes inconvenience to users, but is also vulnerable to phishing or pharming attacks. Help users use the service with confidence by introducing an output-based service authentication method in which the online service takes responsibility for authentication.

The international standard ITU X.1280 is a mutual authentication technology that allows users to verify online services. If you are looking for a secure authentication technology, adopt mutual authentication technology that allows users to verify services. Passwordless X1280 with mutual authentication technology can be used for free in all B2C online services.

Are users still bearing the cost of expensive biometric sensors?

Traditional biometric authentication technology requires a biometric sensor on each user device, meaning users need to attach a biometric sensor to each of their devices. Try using out-of-band biometric authentication technology, which does not require a biometric sensor on each user device. Out-of-band biometric authentication technology is the simplest and most cost-effective biometric authentication method.

The international standard ITU X.1280 is a device-independent out-of-band biometric authentication technology. With out-of-band biometric authentication technology, there is no need to equip each device with a biometric sensor, as the biometric sensor on a smartphone can be linked to all user devices. Passwordless X1280, which incorporates out-of-band biometric authentication technology, is available for free for all B2C online services.

The password problem is not just a user problem.

It is a societal problem that everyone must address together!

The Passwordless Alliance is leading a global passwordless movement to solve the problem of user passwords in collaboration with users, online services, government agencies, associations, educational institutions, and development companies. In addition to fostering cooperation among participating organizations, the Passwordless Alliance is practically addressing the password problem by distributing the Passwordless X1280 software, based on international standard technology, free of charge to all B2C online services worldwide. If you want to help create a passwordless digital world, join the Passwordless Alliance as a member.